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DAVS Home security systems are a great way to provide peace of mind. Home security systems not only protect your family while at home, they can often provide a quick link to the authorities while you're away.

Rapid response is an important option in home security, but as you look into these systems you also need to remember several elements such as convenience, price, and overall usability.

DAVS is a local company providing local service.  We do not sell our contracts like national competitors.  We also have local personal service.

Home Security Systems
A Home Security System is a whole system that protects our home from various threats and catastrophic events. It provides safety for a family and minimizes the threat of burglars.  A Home Security System gives complete peace of mind when we are in home or away from home. Home security must be important for everyone whether they live in a house or an apartment.
 Below are the Reasons for security systems:
A  Home Security System provides safety to your family and your home whether you are at home or away from home so you can get complete peace of mind.

  • The crime rate is increasing day by day. The burglary rate is also increasing. A good Home security system minimizes the chance of you and your family dealing with these crimes.
  •  If a home is fitted with an intruder alarm and fire protection, Insurance companies offer premium discounts because they produce a marked reduction in claims. The premium savings will help you to finance your security system.
  • Home alarm systems are easy to operate. Home alarm systems have various interconnected sensors and control units.
  • Home systems are equipped to detect fire, burglars, water  and any other intrusion.
  • Rapid response is the most important aspect in a home security alarm system; at the time of emergencies like burglary, carbon monoxide poisoning or fire, the proper authorities are notified quickly. In some security alarm systems, the security monitoring company employs specialists  to determine the course of action needed on a particular emergency.
  • Types of Home Security System

Now-a -days we have various choices for security systems. Home Security Systems are broadly divided into two types of systems, Indoor security systems and outdoor security systems. Today we can buy basic home security systems with advance features.
General type of security systems are given below:
Burglar Alarms
A burglar alarm is a mechanical system used for to scare burglars if they enter the protected area. A Burglar alarm rings a bell or siren. When monitored by a certified central station the property has the added protection of the local authorities being notified at the time of the incident.

Alarm System 
An alarm system consists of mechanisms that trigger an audio or visual alert to warn of a problem, such as a fire or a burglar entering.
CCTV (closed circuit television)
CCTV is television system with cameras which gives monitoring ability for covering areas or restricted regions such as stores, office buildings, or on a college campus. 
Wireless Security System
Wireless systems give greater flexibility to users. It is more mobile and can be positioned more flexibly within a room or anywhere on a property. There is no need to do cumbersome wiring.
Web Connected Security System
Web Connected Security Systems give you ability to access your entire security system via computer and the internet from a remote location. This includes the ability to view your security camera feed online.
All of these systems are available at a variety of costs and sizes


Alarm Monitoring Starting at 24.95 Plus Tax

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