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What will a BEAM Central 
Vacuum do for me?

Vacuum cleaning is an essential part of modern living, but portable vaccum cleaners tend to be awkward. A BEAM central vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, is the most powerful, most convenient, and easiest way to clean your home. A BEAM central vacuum system provides you with:

   A clean you can trust

   Lightweight control

   The quiet way to clean

   A healthier home environment


LCD Display

Serenity IQS power units provides real-time system monitoring of system efficiency, dirt bucket level, total system run time, service notifications and time/temperature readout.

Quiet Pak™ Sound Insulation System

Makes BEAM the quietest central vacuum in the industry.


Utility Valve

Built-in utility inlet for garage or basement use. Conveniently vacuum out your car or clean your basement or garage by plugging a hose directly into the utility inlet on the power unit.


Self Cleaning Filter

Exclusive BEAM Self-Cleaing Filter with GORE technology filters 98% of particles down to 0.3 microns while it protects and prolongs motor life. No need to ever purchase a filter bag or clean your filter.


Powerful Whole House Cleaning

550 to 640 air watts of power to clean 3,500 to 12,000 square feet. No matter what your home size, there is a BEAM Serenity that will fit your cleaning needs perfectly.


Anti-Vibration Mounting System

The anti-vibration mounting system keeps your unit in place for quiet, low-maintenance operation.


Twist-Lock Bucket

The Twist-Lock bucket is easy to remove, empty and replace.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems Just Got Smarter

The quietest, most powerful central vacuum system is now also the smartest system. Beam by Electrolux has added an intuitive, electronic user information system to its top-of-the-line system with the Serenity® IQS™ Power Unit.

The Best Warranty in the industry.  Limited lifetime warranty on the canister and filter, 10 years on the electronics on the power unit, and 2 years in the power team and hose. 

The bright blue liquid crystal display (LCD) on the Serenity IQS power unit provides real-time information telling the homeowner how efficiently the system is performing, when to check the dirt level in the collection receptacle and when to contact a dealer for service. It also provides accurate time and temperature information.


Alarm Monitoring Starting at 24.95 Plus Tax

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